A Client Web-Interface and BACnet Integration in One

The IG04 BACnet Gateway is a protocol gateway between a Vaisala WXT520/530 Weather Transmitter or WMT52/WXT532 Ultrasonic Wind Sensor and a BACnet network.

The IG04 interrogates the Vaisala device and stores the current values for all NMEA data points. This data is updated and transmitted regularly as predefined BACnet Objects available as BACnet/IP or BACnet MS/TP values.

Once the Vaisala transmitter is configured and connected to the IG04, they will commence communicating. The weather data can then be viewed directly from the embedded weather page on the IG04. The BACnet Objects are also available for integration into your BMS project.


  • BACnet MS/TP or BACnet/IP communications
  • A multi-user client web-interface
  • Sunrise & sunset calculations for day/night visual indication
  • 7 day high and low temperatures and rain accumulation
  • Support for the WMT52/WXT532 Wind Sensor with auto-detect of WXT or WMT Transmitters
  • Programming of the Weather Transmitter directly from the in-built web interface
  • Auto-baud rate detection for simplified setup and commissioning
  • Rain/hail accumulation counter reset daily
  • Auto creation of all BACnet Objects (No manual mapping required)
  • Plug & Play technology
  • The ability to add or remove sensors from the BACnet Object List
  • C-Tick, CE, FCC and UL Listing

Since its release, the IG04 has become the preferred integration solution in the HVAC/BMS markets globally.

Continued enhancements of the IG04 BACnet Gateway have not only produced a simplified integration solution, but a solution for any client requiring complete multi-user, web-based Weather Station technology.

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