Energy metering and monitoring programs can make a significant difference in a company’s bottom line. Energy costs are a major component in most business budgets, yet many facility executives are not aware of the intricacies of energy expenditures within their facilities.

As Building Management Systems and Metering specialists, we have many Technologies that can provide a customised solution for your energy and utility metering system. We can provide Electricity, Gas, Water, and Heat Meters, and complete turnkey solutions, with provision for networking the data from these utilities to interface with Automated Meter Reading systems

Innotech® ATOM is a comprehensive Data Acquisition, Billing and Optimisation Management Tool. ATOM enables you to analyse historic data, generate reports and billing information while helping you to analyse and monitor the performance of your building and environmental impact.

ATOM can be integrated into any new or existing buildings using your current infrastructure. ATOM can be configured to acquire data from supported SQL Server databases, and generate billing and reporting information using a Tenant/Services database that can be customised to suit your application. ATOM can be enabled as either a standalone solution or as a multiuser web based solution with support for up to 5 concurrent users via Innotech eServer

Hitchen Group Metering solution is a feature rich interface package.


  • Dynamic Graphical User Interface
  • Real time monitoring of system data
  • Comprehensive data analysis suite with forecasting capabilities
  • Set Monthly Targets for each Tenant/Service
  • Set tariffs, administration costs, tax rates and specific Tenant/Service data
  • Coloured indication when forecasts exceed the set targets
  • Full Reporting and Billing capabilities. Generate report and billing data with relevant and timely information
  • Password control with ability to set multiple-level user access
  • Seamless integration with Innotech products and devices
  • Integrated support for various Building Services protocols including: BACnet MSTP, BACnet/IP, OPC, Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP
  • Relational database support for Microsoft® SQL Server ® 2008 R2 Express Edition database
  • Connect to a local or remotely accessible SQL Server database
  • Available as a single computer solution, or as a multi-user web-based solution with support for 5 concurrent connections over a network or internet connection
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