Safety Health and Welfare at work

Hitchen Group has developed a Company Policy which has been written in the interests of all employees, sub-contractors and any others associated with our works operations.

The Policy is regularly reviewed and updated at least on an annual basis. All employees and sub-contractors are made aware of the Policy Statement on engagement.

All Project Management and Staff have access to the full Company Safety Manual. Hitchen Group takes Health and Safety, and our responsibility for same very seriously.

To this end we operate a policy of continuous improvement where by projects are randomly selected for auditing

We can provide you our health and safety policy and support documentation. We can confirm that all our employees comply with the highest health and safety standards. Our employees hold the following

  • Asbestos awareness Certification
  • Safe Pass /CSR Cards
  • Plant Operation Licenses and IPAS Cards
  • Working Safely in M and E
  • All safety Harness and Lanyards Product History Cards
  • All safety Harness and Lanyards Test checks
  • Weekly Safety Checklist Meetings
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